Print Services

MyBoxSK can print your photos, we have 18 years of printing experience at commercial offset and digital printing companies. We use a Canon G2015 ink jet printer, with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.  All photos are printed on 200 gsm high gloss photo paper, unless requested for a different type. All photos will be sized, cropped, and placed in the correct arrangement that you specify. 

  • 1 photo = ₩500
  • 5 photos = ₩2,500
  • 10 photos =₩5,000
  • 20 photos =₩10,000

The average size gift box has 10+ photos, and can up to 30. Image quality will depend on the resolution of the original image, and how it is uploaded. Some images will lose image quality if uploaded through certain messaging apps because of compression. We will work with you in order to ensure the highest quality. 

Printing FAQ

Do all boxes come with my photos printed?
No, we give you the option of printing them yourself. If we print them, please add the number of photo's you would like us to print in Photo Printing. This option should be available at checkout, but if it is missing please let us know and we will give you a total.

What if I place an order and forget to add the printing? 
We will contact you when you order, to verify the number of photo's you want printed, and how to upload them to us. 

How much do printed messages cost?
We charge the same amount for printed messages as we do for photos, ₩500 per message.