What is MyBoxSK?
MyBoxSK is like a card, wrapped present, and photo album all in one. You provide the pictures and write the messages.  We take the pictures you already have, and turn them into a gift box. Technology has made it possible to take pictures of everything, but we never print or display any of them. 

How much does it cost to print my photo's?
We charge ₩500 per picture or message that we print. This includes sizing, cropping, color correction, and any other photo enhancements.

  • 1 photo = ₩500
  • 5 photos = ₩2,500
  • 10 photos =₩5,000
  • 20 photos =₩10,000

Do all boxes come with my photos printed?
No, we give you the option of printing them yourself. If we print them, please add the number of photo's you would like us to print in Photo Printing. This option should be available at checkout, but if it is missing please let us know and we will give you a total.

What if I place an order and forget to add the printing? 
We will contact you when you order, to verify the number of photo's you want printed, and how to upload them to us. 

How much do printed messages cost?
We usually leave the places for messages blank, so that you can hand write your own message. If you would for us to print a message, we charge the same amount for printed messages as we do for photos, ₩500 per message. 

How long will it take?
If you order a gift box that is already made, and no printing is needed, we can ship the box the same day before 5:30 pm. The average time for shipping in Korea locally is 2 days. If it requires customization, then please allow 1 week for production.

Custom orders:
We can customize your box with names, dates, events, photos, and messages. Please allow 1 week for custom made boxes, if it is less than one week, there will be an extra charge of ₩10,000. 

Bulk Orders:

Gift Box
1-5 = for 1 week
6-10 = 2 weeks
10+ 3 weeks to 1 month
Does not include shipping time.

Scrapbook/I Love You albums
1-15= 1 week
15+= 2 weeks 
Does not include shipping time.