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Viking Vest- Heated, USB powered, 8 heating zones, long lasting

Viking Vest- Heated, USB powered, 8 heating zones, long lasting

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High Performance Heated Vest. Do you dread going outside in the winter, waiting for your car to warm up? They make remote starters for cars, but you can't take your car into the mall, and it's a long walk across that parking lot. Viking vests are a high-quality heated vest that can keep you warm during any winter activity. Whether you’re shopping, snowmobiling, ice skating, skiing/snowboarding, ice fishing, shoveling, Viking vests will keep you warm in any weather. Viking vests gradually warm your inner core, to promote blood circulation, and can relive stiff muscles caused by winter weather. They are perfect for wearing under a light jacket, so you can leave your big bulky winter coat at home.

 8 Heating Zones. Viking vests have 8 heating zones, made from carbon fiber heating elements for durability. These heating pads are spread out strategically, to keep your core body temperature warm when you need it.  

3 Level Temperature Control: Viking vests have an easy-to-use power button, as well as 3 temperature control settings.

  • High-Red temperature 122℉-140℉ / 55℃- 65℃
  • Medium-Blue 113℉-131℉ / 45℃- 55℃
  • Low-Green 96℉-113℉ / 35℃- 40℃

USB Plug and Power Bank: Viking vests come with a USB plug for most 5V/2A power banks. THE POWER BANK IS NOT INCLUDED. Most 10000 mAh or higher power banks will run the vest effectively and for the longest amount of time.

Care: Viking vests are machine washable for easy care, you can wash them in any laundry bag. **Some vests will come with a complementary laundry bag.  For tough stains, use a moist towel and wipe the area. Safe with laundry detergent, do not use hot water or laundry detergents with bleach.

Size chart:






23in / 58.5cm

14.5in / 37cm

40in / 101cm


24in / 61cm

15in / 38cm

41.5in / 106 cm


25in / 63.5cm

15.5in /39.5cm

43.5in / 111cm


26in / 66cm

16in / 40.5cm

45.5in / 116cm


27in / 68.5cm

16.3in / 41.5cm

47.5in / 121cm


28in / 71cm

17 in / 43cm

 49.5in / 126cm


Do not use for extended periods of time.
Do not use hot water or detergents with bleach.
Do not use if wet or in the rain.
Do not connect directly to a power cord, use a power bank.
Battery life depends on the mAh size of the power bank.


Polar fleece antistatic blended fiber, lightweight and breathable.


S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
See product description for sizes.

Care information

Machine wash safe, do not use hot water or laundry detergents
with bleach.

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Power Bank

Add a Power Bank to your Viking Vest.

Power Bank