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Peek a Boo Sensory Board

Peek a Boo Sensory Board

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If you’re looking for a fun activity that helps teach children about the world around them, peek-a-boo sensory boards are a great game. These boards can be made with a variety of materials you have around the home, and they provide a variety of textures and objects to explore.
This peek-a-boo sensory board is perfect for kids of all ages, as it is simple to custom design a board with textures and materials that will interest your child specifically.
We can customize it to fit your child’s interests and level of development.
• Fruits and vegetables
• Colors
• Vehicles (air, land, and sea)
• Creatures (sea, farm, and wild animals)
• Family photos and names
There are many reasons why peek-a-boo is such a great way to learn. Some of the benefits include:
• Helps children develop their natural curiosity and exploratory skills.
• It’s a fun way for parents to spend time with their children, and interact in a meaningful way.
Helps children learn basic concepts.
A great way for children to practice fine motor skills.
Can be customized to fit the child’s interests and level of development.
This board has flaps that open and shut, 45 x 60 cm with different textures for sensory exploration. They are in the shape of many familiar cute animals, that your child will already know.


Base made from 180 - 220 gsm craft, textured, metallic. and specialty bond paper.

Inside panels made from 100 - 220 gsm textured, metallic, and specialty bond paper.


Box dimensions 10x10x10 cm

Care information

Please avoild holding the box by the top, as the cover is not attached and the box can fall out. The bow on top is for display only.

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