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Learning Activity Binder

Learning Activity Binder

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Whether you are teaching your preschooler at home or working with them in preparation for school, here’s is a learning activity binder for you! Learning activity for toddlers/young children keep them busy and away from gadgets. They learn and enjoy as they practice their hand and eye-coordination. It’s a great bonding and learning opportunity for both of you.

This learning activity binder is designed to create a systematic routine system for your child to work independently. It can be an everyday routine from home, that requires no planning.

The topics included are:

Binder 1:
• I know my 5 senses.
• I know the parts of my face.
• I know the seasons.
• I know the months of the year.
• I know the days of the week.
• I know my shapes.
• I know my numbers.
• I know my colors.
• I know my letter sounds.
• I know my ABC's.

Binder 2:
• I know the parts of my body.
• I know my emotions.
• I can sort by size.
• I can identify animals.
• I can identify parts of a plant.
• Farm animal babies.
• Fruit shadow matching.
• Sea animals shadow matching.
• Butterfly life cycle.

How we use the Preschool Learning Folder.  We usually go over the pages together, and you can start to ask your child the questions and get them verbalizing what they’re learning. Other times, you give them the binder and let them maneuver the pieces around all on their own. (Even if they don’t get them all correct, they are building their fine motor skills as they work to attach the pieces.)

Here are some examples of questions you might ask: "What shape is that?" Can you tell me what these colors are? "What letter does the word ‘hat’ start with?" Can you think of another word that rhymes with “cat?” "Can you tell me the names of these fruits?" What season are we in now?

✅ File folder size (A4 플라스틱 바인더 파일 폴더)
✅ Ideal for toddlers/preschoolers (3-6yrs old)
✅ Fully laminated and round edges
✅ Tear proof
✅ Waterproof

Any questions/inquiries about our learning activities, please feel free to ask us.


Base made from 180 - 220 gsm craft, textured, metallic. and specialty bond paper.

Inside panels made from 100 - 220 gsm textured, metallic, and specialty bond paper.


Box dimensions 10x10x10 cm

Care information

Please avoild holding the box by the top, as the cover is not attached and the box can fall out. The bow on top is for display only.

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