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Jigott Essence Moisture Skin Care 3pc Set

Jigott Essence Moisture Skin Care 3pc Set

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Product name: Jigott Essence Moisture Skin Care 3pc Set


  • Jigott Essence Moisture Skin 150ml / 5.07 fl. oz.
  • Jigott Essence Moisture Lotion 150ml / 5.07 fl. oz.
  • Jigott Active Emulsion Cream 50g / 1.76oz.
  • Jigott Essence Moisture Skin 30ml / 1.01fl.oz. (Free)
  • Jigott Essence Moisture Lotion 30ml / 1.01 fl. oz. (Free)

Skin type: All skin type
Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea
Expiration date: 08-07-2025


  • 1. With natural vegetable ingredients, calms down the uneven, rough skin caused by skin excretion, and makes your skin bright and elastic.
    2. Various moisturizing factors give nutrition and moisture, making your skin softer and more hydrated, recovering flexibility, and keeping healthy and clean skin.
    3. The nutrition cream provides various moisturizing factors, protecting and making your skin healthy and glossy.

How to use

  • STEP1. After wash, take an appropriate amount and press down on face with palm along your skin surface for deep absorption.
    STEP2. Take an appropriate amount of lotion and cream, apply evenly on face and tap lightly to absorb.


Base made from 180 - 220 gsm craft, textured, metallic. and specialty bond paper.

Inside panels made from 100 - 220 gsm textured, metallic, and specialty bond paper.


Box dimensions 10x10x10 cm

Care information

Please avoild holding the box by the top, as the cover is not attached and the box can fall out. The bow on top is for display only.

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