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Felt Fishing Game (Magnetic)

Felt Fishing Game (Magnetic)

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This magnetic fishing set is made for kids to develop their fine motor skills and learn more about the different animals found under the sea. It includes sea creatures that kids typically learn in preschool and primary classes. The design of sea animals makes them easily recognizable by children. This set is a perfect and very helpful for kids ages 2+. A great tool to entertain kids without the use of any technology!

Vivid colors of felt fish develops kids’ eyesight, hand-eye coordination, and hand control. It is an easy tool for your kids to learn, while at the same time playing and having fun. The game also provides good opportunities for counting, recognizing colors, and language skills. 

All game creatures are made of felt, googly eyes, and magnets. Approximate dimensions of creatures: 8-10cm long depending on type of fish. 

Set Includes:
15 sea animals (10 colorful fishes, and 5 various sea creatures: a starfish, octopus, sea turtle, jellyfish, and a crab.)
• 2 fishing rods

• 4 A4 activity mats (laminated)

The PVC envelope storage bag is a convenient way to store the learning toy elements when your baby is not playing with it. This game is small enough to serve as a travel toy for your baby as well. A unique and thoughtful gift for kids for any occasion! This activity toy is good for cooperative playing.

If you have several children and need more than one fishing rod, or would like to have more sea animals, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to make the magnetic fishing set according to your own needs 

Safety Note: This set includes a magnet secured with felt and small felt animals. Despite all elements are checked for strength, please supervise children when they are playing.

All the items I make are handmade with love, there may be slight variations from each version, which makes each one unique.




Base made from 180 - 220 gsm craft, textured, metallic. and specialty bond paper.

Inside panels made from 100 - 220 gsm textured, metallic, and specialty bond paper.


Box dimensions 10x10x10 cm

Care information

Please avoild holding the box by the top, as the cover is not attached and the box can fall out. The bow on top is for display only.

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