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Anniversary Box Purple

Anniversary Box Purple

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● 1 Heart shaped message
  1장 하트모양 카드
● Slider card with pic and message
  1장 슬라이드 사진 카드
● 5 card waterfall photo album (6x7.5 cm)
  사진 5장 (6x7.5 cm)
● 7 photo accordion fold album
  사진 7장 (6.5x7.5 cm)
● 1 personalized message
 1장 메시지 카드


Base made from 180 - 220 gsm craft, textured, metallic. and specialty bond paper.

Inside panels made from 100 - 220 gsm textured, metallic, and specialty bond paper.


Box dimensions 10x10x10 cm

Care information

Please avoild holding the box by the top, as the cover is not attached and the box can fall out. The bow on top is for display only.

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