Panel Options

6 card waterfall: This panel is one of the most popular options, as the name says the pictures will fall like a waterfall one after another. 
Total Picture spots 12 (2 sided).

Waterfall options can come in different paper styles to make a variety of different looks for your design.


7 page accordion fold: This panel folds out like an accordion, and contains 4 pictures on one side, and 3 pictures on the other. We can make many different styles, and paper options for this panel. This example has a slider card on the last fold.
Total picture spots 7.


Slider card and message:  This is another popular panel, the slider card can contain a picture and a message. 

Total picture spots 1 + 1 message. You can add 2 pictures instead of a message, just let us know in advance.

Heart slider card with photo.

Double slider card: This panel will have 2 cards that slide out from a center photo or message.

Total picture spots 3 with no message, and 2 if center spot is a message.


Heart photo album: This new design has 5 panels for pictures, and is hidden behind a heart.

Total picture spots 5.


Pop up balloons: This design has balloons that slide up to reveal a message and picture. We can customize the messages for any event, or design that you want. 

Total picture spots 1.



We can customize any panel option, or create new ones for specific designs you may want. Please see our YouTube page for panel options and ideas.